Hair Supplies


and pricing

Each stylist is independent therefore prices vary. To see each stylist's exact service and pricing menu, at the top right of the home page click on "stylists". Each stylist name is displayed in a drop down menu. Under their bio, there is an option to "book an appointment" which will take you directly to their personal StyleSeat account. There you can see all their pricing, services offered and availability.

Or, you can simply click the "book now" button below and search by the stylist's name to get to their StyleSeat.


services offered

starting price list
(prices vary depending on stylist)

(clipper or short) 45min

starting at $45

shorter cuts, men's included, involve clippers/shears/razor

(mid legnth) 60min

starting at $70

below ears to mid back

(long and/or  thick hair

starting at $85

long hair past mid back, or extraordinary thick hair at any length that needs more time and care

root touchup + glaze

starting at $100

root touchup, base bump or gray coverage, glaze to refresh

partial highlight

starting at $145

partial highlights, glaze to tone/refresh

full highlight

starting at $175

full highlights, with glaze to tone/refresh


starting at $180

hand painted highlighting, glaze to tone/refresh

keratin treatment

starting at $200

keratin smoothing treatment


starting at $55

glaze/toner to refresh color

glaze/toner + haircut

starting at $110

glaze/toner to refresh color + haircut